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I'll be posting a fanfic, soon.  ANyone can feel free to post something JOJ, Scarling, Jessicka, TCR, Robin...etc. related here. 
...What would you do?  Please reply! Join this community.



Tell me some of your interests and i will put them in the interest part of our profile.  This is a community so I figured the communities interests should be up there. Tell us your name (not username, like mine is CUTe as HELL) And you will be in the bio.


Poll like thingy...

Okay. All members and non-members, tell me who your favorite member of JOJ is (OTHER THAN JESSICKA!!!!) and why.

Where do song titles come from?

Just noticed something...  Jessicka's cat (My Cat) is named Alexander.  Alexander the Burn Victim?  Hmm... maybe the cat got burned and it inspired to make a song about a dude that was a burn victim, perhaps.  Replys to this and other random things are welcome.